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Vintage~Enrico of Italy~Copper & Brass Espresso Machine~Model CE12 C~NO RESERVE
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NewNew Benjamin & Medwin Copper Caffe Espresso Cappuccino Machine #7001 #7001CP
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La Pavoni Europiccola ERH 8 Cups Espresso Machine - Copper/Brass
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NewHandmade Copper Turkish Coffee Pot and Premium Turkish Coffee, 2 Items In total.
Coffee Beans, Grounds & Pods
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NewVictoria Arduino MXFIRME1 Coffee And Espresso Maker - Copper
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La Pavoni Copper and Brass Old Italy
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Why brass or copper boilers in the coffee espresso machines are considered to be the “best choice”?

1. Heating efficiency. Because of its extraordinary THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY THERMAL POWER and brass gets hot much faster and retains heat much longer than aluminum and stainless steel

2. Corrosion resistance. Although brass get the thin oxidized layer on the outer surface that is not corroded inside.

Eugene E | May 13, 2008

Al W | May 11, 2008

Are aluminum boilers in espresso machines bad for you? similar to those used in gaggia machines.?

I plan to move to a copper boiler. I've heard all sorts of arguments on alzzheeimmersss. They do not bind the aluminum cases of increased risk or they do? No real evidence .. but the fact that even comes up concerns me.

The short time water is in contact with the boiler does not have much time for aluminum to dissolve, but if everything is too much for you, then you should find an alternative.

I am not convinced that copper is better.

Favoured | Dec 06, 2006

The short time water is in contact with the boiler does not have much time for aluminum to dissolve, but if everything is too much for you, then you should find an alternative.

I am not convinced that copper is better.

Favoured | Dec 06, 2006

Whisky down under: Australian distilleries offer unique tasting experiences

HOBART, Tasmania, Australia -- I heard them before I saw them: a man and a woman splayed out on the grass, giggling. Stepping past them, I headed into Lark Distillery with Hamish, my then-boyfriend. Amid burnished wooden beams, we shared a flight of cask-strength Tasmanian whisky. An hour later, we emerged into the bright sunlight, blinking. Suddenly, I understood how that grassy couple must have felt.

That was January 2012. Hamish is now my husband, and each year we make a pilgrimage to Hobart, Tasmania -- to visit family, lie in hammocks and taste whisky.

That's right, taste whisky. Nine distilleries are in operation, with another three on the way. Where some people wine-tour, we whisky-tour. And although Tasmania (or Tassie, as the Aussies call it) is better associated with a spinning cartoon character, it's also prime whiskymaking territory, with pristine water, four temperate seasons to help the whisky age in barrels and a strain of barley that results in a rich fattiness that has come to be the calling card of the state's spirit.

And so, on our trip earlier this year, we zigged up and down the triangular state in search of distilleries.


First up: Hellyers Road Distillery. We drive north from our home base in Hobart -- population 217,000, set on the water, and speckled with sandstone. As we head inland, Hobart's coastal lushness morphs into rolling grain fields. By the time we reach the Midlands highway, the view is saturated with every imaginable shade of gold.

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House and Home
272 pages
House and Home

One day on a whim Ellen purchased a beautiful copper espresso machine, with a gleaming dome and a brass eagle on top. She learned how to make cappuccinos and lattes and espressos, how long to steam the milk to build up a creamy ...

288 pages

Ursula Hegi. Waiters in tuxedos; one violinist. Mirrors in ornate gold frames; a huge copper espresso machine. One intimidating waiter with arrogant sideburns, half hidden by above espresso machine, pouring the unused portion of milk from a ...

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Iconic city espresso machine makes a comeback
Iconic city espresso machine makes a comeback An iconic espresso machine, one of the first to bring out European style coffee to Hamilton's inner-city, has been lovingly restored and is now steaming exploit for a whole new generation of customers. The machine - a copper and brass Elektra Belle Epoque 

Take a Look Inside Ledroit Park's Exciting New Restaurant: The Royal
Commuters can lay toasted bagels and house-made cream cheeses, Counter Culture espresso drinks, and pastries such as roasted plantain bread; guests can also linger in the illumination-filled space over fried egg arepas and free wi-fi. A day-to-night menu

A Coffee Guide To Gothenburg, Sweden
A Coffee Guide To Gothenburg, Sweden They for Sandby coffee, pulling shots on a Rocket espresso machine and using a beautiful copper gooseneck kettle to hatch their Hario V60 pourovers. They also serve small sandwiches and other fika-friendly snacks, like the ubiquitious cardamom buns.

Le Café du Monde: Tbilisi's Coffee Guru
Le Café du Monde: Tbilisi's Coffee Guru Before the burgeoning of espresso machines, a real mug of joe meant a little porcelain cup of Turkuli – “Turkish” coffee – cooked cowboy-opulence by adding a heaping spoonful of ground coffee (and several spoons of sugar) to frosty water and heating it

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