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BRAND NEW Corning Ware Electromatic Coffee Pot Perc Warming Tray POWER CORD
Corning Ware, Corelle
Time Left: 14d 11h 29m

Vintage 9 Cup Corning Ware Blue Cornflower Stove Top Coffee Tea Pot
Corning Ware, Corelle
Best Offer Enabled
Time Left: 29d 16h 16m

Corning Ware CORNFLOWER 8 Cup DRIP-O-LATOR Drip Coffee Pot
Corning Ware, Corelle
$22.50Buy It Now: $29.25
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Time Left: 9h 43m

Corning Ware 10 cup Electric Percolator Coffee Pot Blue Cornflower Complete
Coffee Makers
Bids: 0
Time Left: 16h 1m

Vintage 9 Cup Corning Ware Blue Cornflower Stove Top Coffee Tea Pot
Corning Ware, Corelle
Time Left: 4d 20h 48m

Corning Ware, Corelle
Bids: 9
Time Left: 6h 8m

Vtg. Corning Ware Electric Coffee Pot PARTS ONLY 10 Cup Cornflower Blue w/CORD
Coffee Makers
Time Left: 6d 18h 14m

Corning Ware Blue Cornflower 6 Cup Stove Top Coffee Pot Percolator
Corning Ware, Corelle
Time Left: 24d 8h 32m

Corning Ware, Corelle
Time Left: 24d 9h 38m

Vintage Corning Ware Cornflower Blue Electric Percolator Only Coffee Pot 10 Cup
Coffee Makers
Best Offer Enabled
Time Left: 1d 19h 11m

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where can i find cord for electrie corningware coffee pot?

I would just add to the above - check in stores around your local office of "second hand".
(Make sure there is a way to verify the performance of the cable into the first store before buying it ...

JubJub | Sep 16, 2006

Write to Corning.

Eldude | Sep 16, 2006

Sara Little, industrial designer - obituary

Soon after founding her design consultancy in the 1950s, Sara Turnbull wrote an article in Housewares Review, titled “Forgetting the Little Woman,” in which she argued that too many companies designed products for retailers, rather than consumers. “My work isn’t to make pots and pans,” she said. “My work is to make life easier so women can really be women.’’

Sara Finkelstein was born in New York on September 21 1917 and became interested in design watching her mother working in the kitchen. “My mother would assemble the ingredients for the evening meal in the morning, and we’d talk about the various components and then she’d leave them out on the counter so we could appreciate them all day long,” she recalled. “I learnt there that all design should be based on a confluence of knowledge how things look, feel, sound and smell.”

From Girls Commercial High School in Brooklyn, she went on to study at the Parsons School of Design. In 1941 she joined the magazine House Beautiful, where she rose, after the war, to the position of decorating editor, helping to shape the American post-war domestic lifestyle. “During those years at House Beautiful, I travelled around the world at least four times a year scouting homes to photograph,” she recalled. “Through my travels, I was able to see how people live in very different circumstances. And by studying how people kept clean, how they rested, how they prepared food, how they celebrated, I learnt about the relationship between an object, an action and a person which is really what design is all about.”

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Parliamentary Debates (Hansard). Parliamentary Debates (Hansard).

I am referring to the Crown Corn- ingware Company which produces coffee pots. In November 1979, a resident of Gee- long West was using a Corningware coffee pot. She was transporting it from the kitchen to the dining-room when she ...

Return of the Native
204 pages
Return of the Native

When I shooed him off, he took with him one Corning Ware coffee pot. Scratch one coffee pot—value $30. I told my wife then and there, that I was going to buy her darn cat a mullet net, take him to the Gulf, and let him catch his own. Figured it ...

What I Added to My Kitchen to Make Healthier Habits + $100 Kohl’s Giveaway!

While I don’t set resolutions , I do set goals each year. And inveterately my goals be communicated up throughout the year and not something I set on January 1. However, there were 3 things I knew from the inception of the year that I wanted to industry on. Rub coffee consumption I loooove coffee. But my intake steadily increased over the close by year to where I was drinking 6-8 cups a day, with 5 of those cups before I even walked out the door to dome to the job. I tolerant of to have objective one cup of coffee 3-4x a week and it was well-intentioned of a investigate. Once I got a dripping coffee maker (when I’d thitherto only had a minute 8 oz French Huddle), I started chugging coffee like it was top because it was so steady to impute a chiefly pot. To tone down my coffee intake, I privation to converge on making coffee an “taste” again and genuinely savoring a lofty I got married 1. However, I gauge protein waffles weekly for breakfast (Clear a set on Sunday and have a stuffing, entertaining breakfast that fits with my divert observer slate ALL WEEK. ) — the sad part is my waffle iron was an walk-on my parents had perjury around (unknowingly, I depleted belch up the bulk of my minority with 2 waffle irons in the abode) and it has since vanished the stabilizing collaborative on one side. 1 c oats, 1 c greek yogurt, 1 heaping ladle protein vanish, 4 eggs.

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